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Is Your Business Delivering the Results You Need?

Helping Manufacturers and Distributors Increase Profit & Create Value

Get More Out the Door - TODAY!


Better utilize labor & equipment

Rapid Plant Assessment

  • Streamline material movement

  • Optimize plant layout


Improve working capital


Gains in performance finance themselves

Operations Roadmap

  • Reduce operating costs

  • 10% to 25% output increase

  • Increase cash flow & fill rates

  • 10% to 30% inventory reduction

 Supply Chain Assessment

Is Your Business Struggling With:

Icon Black Supply Chain_edited.png

Supply Chain
Disconnected supply & demand impacting sales?

Fill Rates
Are customers disappointed with poor delivery?

Cash Flow
Working capital tied up in inventory or A/R?

Not enough product getting out the door?

Icon Black Inventory_edited.png

Not enough of the "right" product when you need it?

Challenges with utilization or uptime?


SageOps Has Generated Proven Successes With:

Growth-oriented B2B Manufacturers and Distributors in the Middle Market who want to improve profitability and increase value.

  • $25M - $250M Revenue

  • Chemicals & Plastics

  • Industrial Products

  • Aerospace

  • Private Equity / Privately Held

  • Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Precision Machining

  • Packaging


1: Discover

Together we'll discuss your business, your needs, and options for next steps

How it Works:

2: Engage

Create a data-driven assessment of your current state, and a roadmap to improve

3: Transform

Implement actions to create repeatable processes with consistent results

About SageOps Consulting Group:

We come from industry, with hands-on, roll-up-our-sleeves experience in both executive leadership roles and as practitioners.

Having a deep understanding of the challenges our clients face comes from solving complex issues across a diverse set of manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Each member of the SageOps Consulting Group is an industry practitioner with decades of experience. 


"Due to an explosion in sales of Wild Republic products, SageOps Consulting Group was retained to analyze the current footprint of the facility and assess the business growth rates for the next five years.  This analysis provided a roadmap for financial and real estate planning. 


During this assessment SageOps noted areas for our current footprint to become more efficient and generate additional profits by adopting a new inventory philosophy."

VP Customer Service, Wild Republic

Melissa Klubnik


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